Sunday, March 16, 2008

Smarty Sunday: Angels Of A Lower Flight

Sorry Smarty Sunday is a little late this weekend, but I just finished reading this book! Angels Of A Lower Flight, by Susan Scott Krabacher, is the story of a woman's determination to save the children of what seemed like a God-forsaken country.
Susie started out as an abused child. She was physically and emotionally abused by her mother, and sexually abused by her grandfather. Yet, even as a little girl, Susie's spirit was never broken by the things that the adults in her life did. Instead, she swore to herself, and to God, that when she grew up she would do everything she could to save other children.
Susie led a turbulent life. She left her abusive home as a young teenager, pretending to be older so she could get a job, and ended up becoming a Playboy Playmate while still in her teens. She lived through a troubled marriage, dabbled in drugs, and sometimes came close to losing hope, but she never forgot her dream of saving children.
Eventually, having gotten married to a supportive husband and found some stability in her life, Susie found a way to go to Haiti to work with sick and abandoned children there. She didn't go through any sort of organized charity or mission... she just jumped on a plane and went to Haiti to see what she could do to help! The horrors Susie describes seeing in Haiti are nearly unbelievable. Susie donated money to the people in charge of the children, only to see those people steal the money from her and use it for themselves again and again. She even found out about some people who sold or murdered the children in their care, in order to profit from themselves! Nobody would have blamed Susie if all this had caused her to lose hope and hurry back to the USA. But Susie never gave up hope.
Now, the Mercy And Sharing Foundation is an established charity that runs many different programs in Haiti, including schools, orphanages, feeding programs, a health center, and a hospital unit for ill and abandoned infants.
This is a book you need to read! Susie shows us all that everyone can do something, and there are really no limits to what you can do to help children.

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