Thursday, March 20, 2008

Commercial Break: The Sedona Method

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I've noticed that more and more people these days are becoming interested in spiritual enlightenment. What used to be thought of as crazy, new age concepts are now starting to become common place, as people start taking a closer look at their lives and thinking about what is important to them.
Have you ever heard of the Sedona Method? This is a course that teaches people to find happiness and enlightenment by simply letting go of pain and worry. The Method is referred to as the technique to a new earth, because the more people who learn the Method and use it in their lives, our world will change drastically... for the better!
Apparently, one of the secrets to the Sedona Method is that it doesn't try to get people to cover their negative thoughts with positive ones, the way some other methods do. For instance, for a person who lives with depression, some methods might tell the person to just refuse to acknowledge the depression, forcing themselves to think "happy" thoughts. According to the Sedona Method, this doesn't necessarily work, because it is similar to pushing down and denying negative feelings, and the same feelings or issues can surface in other ways. The person convincing themselves they no longer have depression may suddenly start feeling stomach pain or feeling lots of anxiety instead! With the Sedona Method, people are taught to acknowledge and explore the negativity in their lives, get to the bottom of it, and see that it is really just an illusion.
I'm always interested in learning about things like this, so I'm definitely going to check out the Sedona Method! Are you?

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