Sunday, March 16, 2008

Commercial Break: Photo Greeting Cards!

Everyone knows how much I love photos. I'm usually the person running to grab her camera whenever something interesting is happening! I've even been known to make people or animals repeat something they just did, so I can have the chance to snap a picture! I'm a very visual person. So, you can imagine how much I love the idea of these Photo Greeting Cards! You can take your favorite photos and have them made into professional, store-quality cards!
You can choose all sorts of card designs for your photo to appear on. But my personal favorite is the borderless card, shown in this blog entry! You get to see the whole photo, in all its glory! Other people might prefer cards with holiday borders, decorative borders, or even cards with your business's logo on it!
Once you choose the design you want your photo to appear on, all you have to do is choose the number of copies you want to order, and upload your photo! You can also customize other aspects of the card, such as whether the picture is laid out vertically or horizontally, or what the verse inside the card says. Then, once your order is placed, you can start waiting for your beautiful cards to arrive in your mailbox!
Very cool, isn't it? I'm going to have fun with this one!

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