Sunday, March 2, 2008

Commercial Break: Naked Naturals

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I have very curly hair, which I let grow long so that, every few years, I can chop it off and donate it to Locks Of Love. There are now several children in the world walking around with my hair on their head! But managing long, curly hair can be a pain. Recently, while on my vacation to Michigan, I was lamenting to my friend Diana about how brittle and "nappy" my hair was getting. It took forever to comb each morning, and when dry, the ends of my hair were frizzy and neglected-looking! Plus, days of swimming in the highly-chlorinated hotel pool, and washing my hair with hotel shampoo, wasn't helping matters!
When I got home from Michigan, there was a sample of Naked Naturals waiting for me! Naked Naturals is a brand of natural shampoo, which is not tested on animals, contains no animal byproducts, and has no harsh chemicals. I used the Awapuhi And Lavender shampoo, which is meant for color-treated hair. Although I haven't color-treated my hair lately, I knew that this particular shampoo was meant to soften, moisturize and replenish hair that had been damaged from color-treatment. I used it, and guess what... my hair came out soft and shiny, and it even seemed easier to comb out! The more I used it, the better my hair looked and felt. All Naked Natural shampoos also contain proteins to make your hair seven times stronger!
I'm an animal lover, so a product with no animal byproducts and no animal testing is important to me. But in the past, when I used "natural" shampoos, I was disappointed with the results. With Naked Naturals, I was completely happy! I'm definitely going to buy this brand of shampoo. You don't even have to special-order it or anything like that... its available at Walgreens and other stores where I normally shop!

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