Monday, March 17, 2008

Australian Kids Too Heavy For Their Carseats

Here's an alarming fact! If you have kids, you probably know that car seats come with weight limits. As your child grows, you have to keep on buying new car seats, or you could just buy the convertible kind of car seat that can be switched around to accomodate children as they grow.
However, in Australia, some parents are finding that their children are too heavy to safely use the car seats meant for their age levels! For instance, children who should be sitting in booster seats because of their age and height are too large for the booster seats available in Australia, and parents are having to ditch the booster seats and just strap their kids into the seat the regular way. In fact, nearly forty percent of kids who meet height requirements for booster seats are too heavy to safely use them! The way standard booster seats are made in Australia, even some children of healthy weights are too heavy to use the seats.
Authorities in Australia have researched what people in the USA are doing, and have found that in the USA we make larger car seats. Apparently Australia will have to start doing the same!

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