Thursday, March 20, 2008

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day!

Today is a very important day for anyone who has children in their lives. Its Absolutely Incredible Kid Day! Created by Campfire USA, this is a day where adults are encouraged to write letters to the children in their lives, recognizing them for being Absolutely Incredible Kids!
Everyone has at least one Absolutely Incredible Kid in their lives. The kid doesn't actually have to have done something heroic, like rescued a baby from a burning house or singlehandedly started a non-profit organization at the age of eight! In fact, most of the kids in our lives are Absolutely Incredible for lots of little reasons. For instance, a kid who always looks after her little brother, a kid who is living with a disability or medical condition, a kid who works very hard in school, a kid who always makes you laugh, etc!
At the Absolutely Incredible Kid Day site, you can get tips for writing a letter to a kid. The letters don't have to be long and mushy. In fact, since these are kids we're writing too, and they're not usually known for their great attention spans, short and sweet may be the best way to go! Here is an example from the site:
Hello! March 18th [1999] is Incredible Kids Day. And do you know what? I think you are the most incredible, helpful, wonderful kid on the planet!! Whoever knew a ten-year old boy could do so much to help everyone he knows? Whoever knew a ten-year old boy could be so smart? I don’t know, but it’s all in your, my cool little brother! Always helping Kuya when he can’t write out or read his homework, or helping me separate the clothes for the laundry. Also, thanks for always getting the cordless phone when we were all too lazy! Anthony, you were always listening whenever I would tell a story, even though everyone had already stopped listening!! Anthony, you are so funny when you copy The Simpsons! And you’ve come to be such an awesome dancer! You’re even better than me sometimes! WOW! You are so cool! Basically, I’m giving this to you to tell you how special you are: to me, to your Kuya, to family. We love you.


Note: “Kuya” means older brother and “Ate” means older sister in Tagalog, the native language of the Philippines.

You can even download special stationery at the site!
If your kid is more of a techy, you could also email her, text message her, or send her an e-card!

So, what are you waiting for? Today, make sure you let the Absolutely Incredible Kids in your life know how you feel about them!
Have fun!

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redy said...

great post...kid is everything in my life..i'm vey happy if saw my kids already smile,'s amazing..
hope ican be a good father...
thanks for sharing