Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update On Kids Set On Fire

Back in November, I wrote about two little boys in my community who were doused with gasoline, and set on fire, by their own father. Vishv and Om Patel, who were only seven and four years old, were severely injured in what their father described as his suicide attempt.
Here is a sad update. I didn't hear about it until now, but little Om died on January 17 due to his injuries. Shortly after Om arrived in the hospital, doctors used drugs to induce a coma, from which Om never woke up.
The boys' mother was not home when the horrible incident occurred. But since then, she's apparently kept a constant vigil at the hospital, crying and praying over the boys. She also has gotten a restraining order from the boy's father, keeping him from getting anywhere near her or her remaining son for the next two years.
Their father is now facing murder charges. He is still in the hospital being treated for his own wounds, but soon will be transferred to DuPage County Jail. In fact, nurses from the hospital have already been going to the jail to teach staff members how to care for the man's wounds.
If this man had committed just about any other crime, and then tried to attempt suicide in this way, I might feel sorry for him. But as it is, it makes me a little sick just to know that someone might be treating this man with kindness and gentleness as they tend to his burns. For putting his children through such excruciating pain and terror, he deserves no sympathy.
Vishv is still in the hospital, and is in stable condition. Our thoughts are with you, Vishv!

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