Saturday, February 2, 2008

Teach Your Kids To Volunteer!

Today is Teach Your Children To Volunteer Day! When children do volunteer work along with the adults in their lives, they learn that they have the power to make a difference for others, they learn compassion and responsibility, they acquire new skills, and they get to spend great quality time with the adults who care about them!
Many kids across the USA and around the world are already reaping the benefits of volunttering. For instance, in Brighton, Iowa, children of all ages spend several nights a month making formulated meals to ship overseas to hungry people in third world countries. The kids have managed to send hundreds of thousands of meals across the world!
Other kids visit senior citizens as "volunteer grandchildren", help serve meals in homeless shelters, take care of animals in animal shelters, build homes with Habitat For Humanity, etc.
Some kids have even initiated their own organizations to make a difference in the world! Thirteen-year-old Anthony Leanna started a hat drive to provide hats to people who had lost their hair to chemotherapy. Similiarly, when Brittany Clifford was fourteen, she started a slipper drive to provide new, fuzzy and comfortable slippers to kids in the hospital, so they'd have an alternative to the thin hospital slippers they were given. Rob and Brittany Bergquist, a brother and sister from Massachusetts, started a project to raise money to send phone cards to soldiers overseas, so the soldiers wouldn't rack up huge cellphone bills calling home. And twelve-year-old Elizabeth Singleton decided that every third-grader should have a dictionary in his home, so she started raising money to buy dictionaries for third graders! is an organization that encourages kids to make a difference. Each year they give out Brick Awards to kids who have made the most difference. Winners recieve scholarships and community grants. The site also gives information about projects and places where kids can volunteer their time.
The website Compassionate Kids has some tips on finding an appropriate volunteer opportunity for the children in your life to participate in!
When kids volunteer, everyone benefits! So why not start volunteering today?

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