Monday, February 11, 2008

Other Events For This Week

So I just finished writing about Children Of Alcoholics Week, but now I must point out two more events of this week!
The first one is, today is the first day of Random Acts of Kindness Week! Most people know what Random Acts Of Kindness is all about... performing acts of kindness, often anonymously, just for the sake of brightening someone's day. Show the children in your life how great it feels to be kind to others! Check out this list of ideas for random acts of kindness... or brainstorm with your kids and come up with your own!
This is also a week to extend special kindness towards children. If you have children in your life, you can probably think of lots of ways to brighten their day... the biggest one being, to just spend time with them! Time and a positive relationship are the best gifts an adult can give a child.
You could also extend kindness to children you don't know.
Offer to visit children in a school, homeless shelter, hospital, or group home. You could begin volunteering on a regular basis, or see if there is a one-time event you could help with. Or, use your special talents to create your own event for the children! If you love art, gather up all your art supplies and treat the children to an art expression workshop. If you love writing, help children to write the stories of their lives! You could bring your pet to visit children, read or tell stories to children, do crafts with children... the possibilities are endless!
You could also gather up toys, books and clothes in your house, or from the homes of friends and family members with kids, that the young owners no longer need or want. Donate the items to a local charity that helps kids.
Or, buy something special for a place that helps kids. When I worked in a special education school, a local business donated a Thomas The Tank Engine train table, plus lots of trains, to the school. It was put in the school's rec room, and all of the younger children... especially the ones with autism... have enjoyed the train table for years!
What random acts of kindness do you have up your sleeve?

And of course, this Thursday is Valentine's Day! Don't forget to send Valentine's cards to surprise the children in your life!

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