Monday, February 18, 2008

Mission Monday: Sponsor A Child In Haiti!

I have blogged before about a fellow blogger named Nikki, who writes the blog Dream As If You Will Live Forever. This girl is still basically a kid herself, a college student in Canada, but she has dedicated her life to helping children. The things she does never fail to amaze me! Nikki goes on humanitarian aid trips to the Dominican Republic to work with needy children there, she sponsors children, and she is forever trying to encourage others to do things for children as well. Nikki's motto is, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." And she certainly lives by that motto!
One of Nikki's favorite organizations is His Hands For Haiti, which is a child sponsorship program that helps kids in Haiti to attend school. Children in the program get a school uniform and all their school needs, including a free hot meal at lunch time each day. (For kids whose families really can't afford food at home, that hot meal can make a huge difference! I have heard of children, who were once weak and listless with hunger, who now jump out of bed each morning excited to go to school... because of that hot meal!)
For people who would love to sponsor a child but are on a tight budget, His Hands For Haiti is a great organization to work with. Unlike most sponsorship programs that require you to send a certain amount each month, usually at least $40.00... His Hands For Haiti asks for only $80 per year!
I know a lot of us are getting our tax refund checks back. Think about how easy it would be to just take $80 from that check and send it to this organization! You won't have to worry about paying it again for the rest of the year, and you'll know that your sponsored child's life is going to get a lot better. You'll also be able to correspond with that child, if you'd like!
This month, through her blog, Nikki has already found sponsors for four children in the program. But there are still 207 more kids waiting for sponsors!
Sponsoring a child would be a great opportunity for people with kids, especially those who home school. You and your children can read about Haiti and other countries where needy children live, writing to your sponsored child will be a great exercise for your whole family, and your kids will learn how it feels to help someone else!
I don't mean to sound like Sally Struthers on those old commercials... its just that Nikki knocks me out with how much she cares for kids, and I want to be able to help spread the word about something she cares about!
So, if you can spare $80 this year, please consider His Hands For Haiti!

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Scarlett_333 said...

That is so sweet of you- thank you!! And I totally understand about not having much in the bank! I am working on sponsoring a His Hands child too... hopefully soon!