Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Love Your Pets Day!

Happy "Love Your Pets Day", everyone! What a great day to spoil the pets in your life, and also teach the children in your life the importance of being kind to animals! Here are some great ideas for the day!

-Make some special homemade treats for your pet! (Or, if you don't have a pet of your own, mske some to surprise a friend's pet!) You might want to use the Internet or the library to find recipes for treats for the particular kind of pet you have!
- Talk to the children in your life about the correct way to hold and pet their animals. If your children are already wonderful at this, let them be the teachers! Invite some cousins or neighborhood kids over and let your kids demonstrate how to be kind to pets. Let all the kids have a turn gently petting and holding your pets. Talk about why it is so important to be gentle to pets, including the fact that, when animals are scared, they might bite or scratch!
- Spend some extra time playing with your pets today... or if you don't have a pet, ask a friend or neighbor if you can coem over and spend time with their pet instead! The pets will cherish the extra attention!
- Go to a pet supplies store and pick out a few things... a box of treats, a bed, a toy, some food, etc... and deliver it to the local pet shelter. While you're there, you might even ask if you can volunteer to play with the animals on a regular basis! What a great way for the kids in your life to learn about being kind to pets, and also to get the great feeling that comes from helping!
- Don't have a pet yet? Want one? Don't go to a pet store or a breeder. There are already tons of pets that need homes! Petfinder can help you locate the perfect pet for your family! Whether you're looking for a dog or cat, a reptile, a farm animal, a small furry critter, or any other type of animal, Petfinder can lead you to a pet who needs a home! It is wonderful if you want to adopt an older pet... but they do have plenty of baby animals who need homes, too!

Happy Petting!

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