Friday, February 1, 2008

January Ends, A New Month Begins!

Hi everyone! January was an awesome month as far as sponsors go! Thanks to all of our sponsors, a needy family will be provided with 20 brand new bedtime story books, and three children who are just learning to read will each be given four brand new books of their very own! So, thanks, everyone who's been reading this blog, for all your help!
This month, our charity will be Nothing But Nets, an organization that provides insecticide-treated mosquito nets to people in countries where malaria is a huge problem. I wrote about the malaria problem this past Monday, so check back there if you want to discover why mosquito nets are so important!
For every ten dollars we raise through sponsored posts this month, a mosquito net will be provided to someone who desperately needs it!
Lets have a great month!

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