Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Home Alone!

Remember the "Home Alone" movies... versions 1, 2 and 3? I always thought those were sort of dumb movies. Why? Because they gave a lot of kids the idea that, if someone should break into their home, the kids should take matters into their own hands and attack the burglers or try to capture them. In real life, that can be very dangerous! The truth is, most burglars don't break into homes with the intent of hurting or killing someone, but if they are confronted, they can very easily panic and do whatever they think they have to do in order to get away.
Children need to be taught that, if they think someone is breaking into their home, dialing 911 is the best course of action. They should also try to get out of the house, or lock themselves in a room.
Two children in Jacksonville, Florida, handled a situation in exactly the right way, by locking themselves in a bathroom and dialing 911 from a cellphone. Check out this video! (If you're reading this from a blog reader, you may have to visit the actual blog to see the video!)

In Hawaii, four more children foiled some burglars last month in the same way. The children were home alone when they heard a car pull up to the back of their house, and then heard someone trying to break into the home. The children dialed 911, and then slipped out the front door. In this case, the burglars were still there when the police arrived, and were arrested!

Do the children in your life know how to handle it if they think someone is breaking into the house? Make sure they know that the two things they should do are to get themselves to safety by getting out of the house or at least into a safe room, and dialing 911.

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