Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!

Losing a tooth is a right of passage every child goes through... and in the USA, many children celebrate this event with a visit from the tooth fairy! Children put the disembodied tooth under their pillow, and while they sleep, the tooth fairy visits and replaces the tooth with money!
But did you know that the whole thing started because people believed burying a child's tooth in the back yard would ward off evil spirits and witches, and also allow children's new teeth to grow? As cities grew and not everyone had backyards at their disposal, people started burying the teeth in potted plants instead, and eventually transitioned to "burying" teeth under the pillow.
The original tooth fairy was actually a Tooth Mouse. The Tooth Mouse still visits children in many countries, replacing their lost teeth with money or gifts. I guess that takes a little of the pressure off the Tooth Fairy!
Of course, in our day and age, the Tooth Fairy has gone high-tech! She has her own website. At Tooth Fairy Land, kids can write to the Tooth Fairy and get their questions answered! And parents can purchase things to make their children's Tooth Fairy experiences even more magical, like a personalized First Tooth certificate, complete with a Tooth Fairy newsletter with your child in it!
How much is the Tooth Fairy paying these days, you wonder? It seems to vary from person to person. Most parents report that their children receive anywhere from twenty-five cents to two dollars for a tooth. Some say that their child received five dollars for their first lost tooth, and less for other teeth. But some people say the Tooth Fairy leaves their kids as much as twenty-five dollars!
Some people have also mentioned that the Tooth Fairy leaves their kids small gifts, such as gum, chocolate, or a new tooth brush!
What does the Tooth Fairy do for the kids in your life?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a Toothfairy online and in Canada children often receive a $1 dollar coin called "Loonie" or sometimes the rate is doubled and they receive a $2 doller "Toonie" coin! Little gifts may be hidden inside their special toothfairy pillow, examples are shark's tooth necklace for boys and crystal beaded bracelets for girls. Toothfairycyberspace is a dental website that is both whimsical and informative and sure to make you smile!
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Anonymous said...

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Shelly said...

The concept of the 'Tooth fairy' fascinates kids across the globe. Although, this concept pretty much evolved through time, it still attempts to make the first tooth loss experience a fun one for a child.

My daughter just had her first tooth extraction last month through the help of a dentist, Memphis based. The (Memphis) dentist even gave her some toys after the extraction. You should have seen how my little girl's face when she received her reward. She was so thrilled! Well, that time, she's still hoping for her other incentive (the one coming from the tooth fairy!). She was just so excited to go home.

She carefully placed her tooth underneath her pillow that night. And she was really happy when she found 2 dollars the morning after.

Interesting Tooth fairy blog. Thanks!