Friday, February 1, 2008

February Begins!

I can't believe its the beginning of February already! 2008 is just rushing right along!
Did you know that February is Bake For Family Fun Month? When I was a little kid, my mom used to bake with my brother and I all the time! She always told us, "Getting messy is part of the fun!" (Which is exactly the opposite of what she tells me now!)
Baking isn't just fun, its also educational! Kids learn math as they measure ingredients, and reading as they follow directions on a recipe. They practice motor skills as they scoop and pour and roll and mix. When they get to decorate cookies and cakes, they practice creativity! So, start baking with the kids in your life this month! For some recipes, you can check here!
February is also Dental Health Month, a great time for kids to "brush" up on their knowledge about dental health! has a page of crafts and activities you can do with kids. Colgate Kids' World is a fun site full of games and activities for kids to explore on the computer!
Its also International Friendship Month, a month where people all over the world celebrate their friendships! Talk to the kids in your life about who their friends are, and what makes a good friend. You could even have a friendship party! Make cards thanking your friends for being friends, make friendship bracelets, and spend time with great friends!
Finally, February is Black History Month! The children in your life are hopefully learning about Black History in school this month, but you can also take part! Check out this site to find some great and kid-friendly info to talk about with kids! Find out if your community is having any special events for the month that you and the kids in your life can go to together!
Its going to be a great month!

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mom2amara said...

Another excuse to make fattening goodies! Love it! Bake for Family Fun it is!