Monday, February 4, 2008

An Exciting New Week!

This week brings some interesting things to think about!
First of all, this week is Children's Authors And Illustrators Week! Check your local libraries and bookstores to see if they have any cool events for kids this week. Some places may have special activities, including meetings with actual children's authors and illustrators! You can also talk to the children in your life about who their favorite authors and illustrators are. Search the web to find out of the authors and illustrators have their own websites or blogs where you can find out more about them. You may even be able to find an address or email address where the kids in your life can send a special fan letter or gift to their favorite author or illustrator!
Also, check out my favorite blog about children's literature: A Readable Feast. This blog is chock-full of children's book recommendations, book-related activity ideas, author interviews, and more!
This week is also School Counseling Week. School counselors wear many hats at their jobs. They can help kids get through academic problems, explore careers, etc. But they are also available to help kids through any other problems they may be having. Kids who are nervous or uncomfortable turning to a school social worker or psychologist or even a parent may feel better seeing the school counselor. The children in your life should know that their school counselor will never report what they say to the child's parents, teachers or anyone else. Whatever a child says to the counselor is kept confidential. The only exception to this rule is if the child or someone else is in danger. For instance, if a child tells the school counselor that he is being abused, or that a friend is being abused, the counselor is obligated th make sure the child in question gets help and is going to be safe. That should be the job of any caring adult. No caring adult would want to send a child right back into a dangerous situation without first getting help for the child!
School counselors can also help a child talk to his parents or guardians. For instance, if a teenager has been getting involved with drugs or alcohol and would like to tell his parents and get help, the school counselor can be a good person to go to first. The counselor may be able to help the student talk to his parents, and also offer the parents and student help so that the crisis is manageable.
This week, maybe the children in your life would like to deliver a card or gift to their school counselor!
Finally, this Wednesday is Girls And Women In Sports Day. On Wednesday I'll post more about the benefits of being involved in different kinds of sports!
Have a great week!

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