Monday, February 18, 2008

Events For This Week!

Hi everyone! We have a pretty low-key week ahead of us. This Wednesday is Love Your Pets Day! I would suggest reading this archived blog entry about children and pets, and think about whether you're teaching the children in your life to appreciate their pets. Then, maybe you and the kids in your life can do something special for your pets this Wednesday! Or, if you don't have any pets, do something special for someone else's pets, or for pets in an animal shelter! Some quick ideas... take your dog for special walk at somewhere he doesn't get to go much, like the forest preserve or a dog park. Bake some special dog treats for your dog! Use a cardboard box or other materials to make a special hideaway for your cat!
Ask your children for ideas about what else they can do to show love to the pets in their lives!
On Wednesday, I will post some more ideas. (If you have any, feel free to send them to me!)

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