Friday, February 15, 2008

Commercial Break: Romantic Vacations

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When I was still in high school, I was close friends with a young man who was a year or two older than me, named Jacob. Jacob loved me. He desperately wanted me to be his girlfriend! I was a shy kid, young for my age because of my disability, so I wasn't sure I wanted a boyfriend, but I did love Jacob.
Jacob lived in the city, and I was living in the suburbs. Jacob and I liked to spend every spare moment together, and I particularly liked visiting him in the city, rather than having him come to where I lived. There were many more things to do in Chicago! But because of my disabilities, my mom balked at the idea of my traveling to the city alone. I had to take a commuter train to Jefferson Park, get off, and then take the El train to Jacob's neighborhood. It was the El part that worried my mom. I think she imagined me getting confused about where to get off, and riding the Blue Line around in circles over and over again for all of eternity.
So Jacob used to come all the way to the commuter train station to meet me. He would ride the El from his own neighborhood to Jefferson Park, get off, walk to the commuter station and wait for me, and then do the whole thing in reverse with me in tow. At the end of our visit he would again make the whole trip with me, and then go home alone while I rode the commuter train back to where I lived.
One day we went to a large park that had a beach, to meet some of Jacob's friends. While we were there, Jacob pulled me aside and handed me a fancy, romantic card he had bought. On the inside, he had written a poem about me.
I thanked him and told him his poem was great... and then I shoved it in the back pocket of my shorts! (Remember, I was quite young for my age!) The worst part is, afterwards I spontaneously went swimming in the lake, in my clothes! I played in the water for hours, and then got out, and remembered the card. I pulled it out of my pocket, all drenched and creased and faded. Poor Jacob!
I love Chicago! A lot of people don't think of it as a vacation spot, but it really is a wonderful place... especially in the summer, fall, spring, or early or late winter! (Don't come in the mid-winter unless you really love below-zero weather!) We have Lake Michigan, beautiful old architecture, tons and tons of awesome museums, and a downtown area that will keep you busy for days! For Chicago vacation ideas, you should contact Trusted Tours & Attractions. In fact, if you go to their site and sign up for their newsletter, you could win a free digital camera!

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