Saturday, February 16, 2008

Commercial Break: Pay Per Play!

The following is a sponsored post. Please visit our sponsor's website to thank them for allowing us to make more donations to children's organizations!
A while back I announced that I was signing up for a program called PayPerPlay, aka Net Audio Ads. Well, I'm all signed up, and any day now you should be hearing a five-second audio ad any time you visit my blog!
Some people have been worried that by putting audio ads on their blogs, they'll be disturbing or inconveniencing their readers. But I've listened to the sample ad. You will be surprised how short and nonintrusive the ad is... Just a quick little sentence, really! And,every time that ad gets played, I'll be getting paid! I don't have to wait for anyone to click on ads, buy things, or anything like that!
Advertisers get to target their ads to specific audiences. For instance, if you have a blog thats all about motorcycles, maybe Harley Davidson will place an audio ad on your site! Then every time your readers log onto your site and hear that short little ad, you get paid!
If you have a blog, you should really consider signing up for this program. Its the easiest thing in the world to do, and really, the ads aren't going to bother your readers at all.
Have fun!

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