Thursday, February 14, 2008

Commercial Break: Morningstar Academy

If you are a Christian who is home schooling your children, or if you are considering it but are worried about how you’d handle teaching your child yourself, there is a website that can make things a lot easier! At The Morningstar Academy, you can enroll your child in any of the online courses, which include lesson plans, assignments, quizzes and special projects. The Morningstar Academy is an actual, accredited K-12 school in Florida, which includes this distance education program available to students all over the country.
Your child and you get to actually choose the classes that you think are appropriate, regardless of the child’s chronological grade level. For instance, if your sixth grader is spectacular at science but needs a lot of help with reading, you could enroll him in a ninth grade science course and a fourth grade reading course. That way, he really gets to learn at his own pace!
Through Morningstar, your child will have to log a certain amount of hours of school work throughout the school day, but these hours can be done at any times. A child is not required to log onto the site at any specific time. This, and the fact that just two hours of work is the minimum requirement for the day, means you and your child will have plenty of time for quality time together and for other educational and enriching activities of your choice.
If you are Christian and would like to teach your children from a Christian slant, this academy will work well for you. Their curriculum teaches every subject from a Christian slant. For instance, a first grader could take courses such as Jubilee English, Victory Math, Discovering God’s Creation Science, and also courses specifically on Christianity and faith. Physical education, art and music are also included in the curriculum.
You can experience a demonstration of how the Morningstar Academy courses look and feel, by checking out the Morningstar Academy Student Demo.
I have always thought that, when I have kids, I would like to home school them. It is good to know that resources like this exist, making home school an option for anyone!

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