Saturday, February 2, 2008

Commercial Break: Girl Power!

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If you have daughters or young girls in your life, you may have noticed that whenever you take them shopping for clothes, you are bombarded by displays of T-shirts that say things like "Shut up!" or "Princess" or "I stole your boyfriend" or even worse comments! You wonder, "Why would anyone want to display those phrases on their clothing?" But to young girls, those shirts with phrases on them are all the style! In their minds, the clothes allow girls to express themselves... even if what they're expressing isn't really who they are, on the inside. (I mean, come on... are we really raising a nation of girls who want to scream out, "I'm a brat!" on their T-shirt?
Thank goodness for this new site I found, Girl Mogul. They sell T-shirts in the popular style, with phrases on the front like girls love to wear... but their phrases let girls shout out an entirely different message, something their mothers and aunties and mentors would be proud of. Phrases like "Future Leader of the Free World," and "Computer Geek" and "Future Chef De Jour" still have a sarcastic edge to them, but a positive message letting girls be proud of their brains and talents!
My personal favorite, though, is the one that says "Dream Big." Printed across the T-shirt in a whimsical pattern similar to the popular "angel" and "princess" T-shirts, this shirt is a message we all want to get across to our little girls!
So next time you're shopping for some T-shirts for your girls, check out this site first!

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