Friday, February 1, 2008

Commercial Break: Buzzfuse!

The following is a sponsored post. Please visit our sponsor's site to thank them for allowing us to make more donations to children's organizations!

Every so often, a PayPerPost blogger comes across a really awesome site. And for me, today is one of those days! I have just discovered Buzzfuse, a site that helps drive traffic to websites, blogs, and whatever else you have out there on the World Wide Web!
All you have to do is sign up at the site. Its free, but they also offer a premium version for a low cost, which gives people access to even more features!
Once you sign up, the rest is easy! Whenever you write a new blog post, article, etc, go to the site and click on "Market Content," where you can then grab an hrml code and add it to your post or article. (Note: You should add the code to each individual post or article, instead of just adding it to the sidebar of your blog or site!)
Then, your readers can rank and review your post, and people will also be led to your post directly from Buzzfuse!
In fact, you can even use Buzzfuse to bring more traffic to your sponsored posts! Your sponsors will love it, and you'll probably get more opportunity offers!
So. I hope to see you on Buzzfuse sometime soon!
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