Friday, February 8, 2008

Alexis Goggins Released From Hospital

Remember Alexis Goggins, the little girl who was shot six times while trying to protect her mother? The brave little girl's horrid experience started when she was kidnapped, along with her mother and a family friend, by a man Alexis's mother had once dated.
After more than two months in the hospital, seven-year-old Alexis was released yesterday! The little girl is now blind in one eye, and has had to undergo several surgeries, including some to repair brain damage caused by the bullets she took to her head. This little munchkin is definitely a survivor!
Perhaps the most infuriating part of this story is the fact that when Alexis's mother's friend dialed 9-1-1 (the friend had managed to convince Kelvin to stop at a gas station for gas) her plea for help was not received well. The friend dialed 9-1-1 twice, but each time was calmly told that there was no police car available to dispatch. The gas station attendant took the phone from the friend and tried to explain the desperateness of the situation... but as he was begging for help, shots were being fired from inside the car.
When a police unit was eventually sent to the scene, it was to "check on family trouble." It seems awfully strange and scary to me that two calls placed to 9-1-1, from a woman shouting that another woman and a small child are being held at gunpoint in a car, would be given such low priority.
A trust fund has been started to help Alexis have the best chances possible for the rest of her life. So far, $37,000 has been raised. Donations can be sent to The Alexis Goggins Hero Fund Campbell Elementary C/O Alexis Goggins Hero Fund, 2301 E Alexandrine St, Detroit, MI 48207.
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Kevin said...

We talked about this on my radio show. I think it's a better story when two white boys comment on it.

Here's the exact clip: