Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Would YOU Lock This Boy In A Dog Crate?

I just heard about a very strange story involving a case where a grandmother has been put in jail for locking her ten-year-old grandson in a dog crate.
But wait until you find out why she did it!
For at least two months, the boy's family members had been getting sick with flu-like symptoms. Then, the other day, the boy told his family that he knew why they'd been getting sick: he'd been poisoning their drinking water for the past two months! Whenever he got the chance, he would squirt lamp oil or household cleaning fluid into the jugs of water. When the family heard this, they became enraged. The boy's twenty-four-year-old brother punched him in the eye, and then his grandmother locked him in the dog crate. She then called a family counselor and told them that if they didn't come get the little boy, she would "bury him alive in the backyard."
Check out the video...

To me this seems like such a horrible situation. For a little boy to have been deliberately poisoning his family over a period of two months, even though it meant poisoning himself as well, he obviously has severe, severe problems. He needs help as soon as possible.
It could be said that many people would have reacted the way this boy's family did. What do you do when you find out that your ten year old has secretly been trying to kill you, and has come pretty close to being successful?
On the other hand, not much has been said about the boy's family. It is hard to imagine what may have happened in the boy's life to cause him to have such violent ideas in the first place?
I have heard stories from different parents, especially people who are the adoptive or foster parents of children who started out their lives in very troubled homes... people for whom it wouldn't be much of a stretch to find out that their child wanted to kill them. But I can't imagine the people I know of reacting by punching a child or locking a child in a dog crate. (They might want to do something like that, but would control their impulses!) What I can imagine the people I know doing is having the child hospitalized immediately, maybe even locking the child in a safe room if she was becoming violent or threatening to hurt someone. They would realize the child was very ill at the moment, and they would resist any feelings of wanting to hurt the child.
So, what do you think about this family? Is it right for the grandmother and brother to be in jail right now for punishing the little boy the way that they did? Were they simply overwhelmed family members who were frightened by the power a small child had to hurt them? Or was this only the climax of the sega of a very disturbed family?
I'd be interested in hearing what you think!

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