Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update on Maria Jose!

I thought I'd share this updated photo of our sponsored child, Maria Jose! This one was taken in December. (Our other picture of her was taken last March.)

According to the information I have, little Maria goes to preschool, and she loves to do artwork, dance, and play with her friends. She is 2 feet 9 inches, weights 22 pounds, and has no health problems. She lives with her parents... her dad is a farmer and her mother is a homemaker... and she has two siblings, an 11-year-old brother named Daiver Luis, and a 5-year-old sister named Laura Sofia.
I know thats not really a lot of information. I've also been supplied with the knowledge that she lives in a home with two bedrooms, made of concrete block with a corrugated tile roof and a concrete floor. The family uses an open fire, outdoors, to cook meals, and they own two wooden beds to sleep on. They drink water stored at home in a barrel, they do have electricity, and they have some sort of latrine.
I also found this video that shows a little bit about the area where Maria Jose lives, and the services they get from Children International. The voice over is sort of monotonous, sorry...

We're supposed to get updates on Maria every six months or so, but we may get photos more often via the Internet, I think. Anyway, when I get my paycheck I'm going to send Maria another small package... maybe some Valentines to give to her friends, and some stickers and art supplies. And maybe I can find a Valentine book, written in Spanish!
If you'd like to contribute to sending things for Maria Jose, check out the Paypal button on the sidebar, under Maria's picture, to make a donation. Or if you have specific things you'd like to send her yourself, I'd be glad to email you her address!

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