Monday, January 14, 2008

Mission MOnday: Spanish Children's Books

Recently I came across a blog by a very incredible young woman named Nikki. A college student. Nikki has already dedicated her life to children, by doing volunteer work, sponsoring children, and going on humanitarian aid trips. This summer, she is going to the Dominican Republic, I believe as part of Hero Holiday. She will be helping to build a new school. Nikki is hoping to be able to bring books, written in Spanish, to help equip the school. Books are hard to come by in this impoverished area!
Your mission is to get your hands on a children's book, written in Spanish, and send it to Nikki, so she can start her collection of books for the future school. Used book stores or Half Price book stores are great places to locate books written in Spanish. You could also go to to find inexpensive Spanish books, and have them sent directly to Nikki.
You can email Nikki or visit her blog to find out where to send the books!

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