Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Make Money Online!

Hi everyone! I was planning to build a website to show others how to make money online, and also to use all those affiliate links I've been gathering! But I decided, instead of making a separate webpage, I'd just do a blog entry on making money online, and then others can refer back to it whenever they want!
You may notice that I haven't posted a huge, complete directory of ways to make money online. Thats because I have already tried out many, many ways of making money online, and found out that most of them didn't work. The ones I am posting here are the diamonds in the rough, the few opportunities that have actually panned out for me! So, if you want to make some extra money, check these out!

Make Money Selling Books! I just recently opened up my own online bookstore through Bookwise... and you can too! Here's the 4-1-1. You pay a start-up fee of about forty dollars. Then, you have to pay a membership fee each month. But... don't stop reading just because of that! You get a lot out of that membership fee, including your choice of a new book, DVD or game sent to your house each month. (Hint: If you pick an expensive one, like a DVD, you'll be getting the best value!) You also get a lot of extra Internet benefits each month.
There are several ways to make money with Bookwise. Here are a few:
1. Through the affiliate program. Whenever you help enroll a new associate (for instance, you get a $35.00 bonus. You also get a commission for every person that person enrolls, and everyone the next person enrolls, and so on down the line!
2. Through Preferred Customers. Besides recruiting associates for the program, you can also refer people to sign up for the Preferred Customer book club. Every time someone joins the book club through you, you get a commission.
3. Independently selling books. After you pay your membership fee, you can buy additional books from the site at wholesale prices. Then, you can turn around and sell those books, and make yourself a profit!
You don't have to make a big commitment to this program. You pay month by month, and you can stop participating whenever you want. But if you participate for a whole year, and you then decide your life is not better because of Bookwise... you get back every penny of membership fees you paid!
So... seriously, you have nothing to lose!

Get Paid To Blog. I have enrolled in just about every single Get Paid To Blog program in existence, but PayPerPost is the only one I'm going to refer you to. Why? Because its the only one I've really made any money off of! This month I made $168. If you have a higher PageRank, you can make even more! (My PR is zilch right now, so you see, that $168 is probably a minimum!) $168 may not sound like much to you, but considering that I basically made that money with very little time and effort, its a fortune! And my PayPerPost money has put gas in my car plenty of times when I was almost down to my last dime!
MAKE MONEY BY BEING A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY ONLINE! There are sites that will actually pay you do things many people already do, such as post on message boards.

MyLot is one of my new obsessions. Basically its a message board where you can talk about anything in the world! People ask questions and you can answer them, or you can ask questions and get them answered. Anything from "Do you use antibacterial soap?" to "I need advice about my child with autism" appears on the site. And, the more you post or respond to other people's posts, the more you get paid! This can take a while to make money. MyLot never reveals how much money they pay for each post. High quality posts make more money, though. This prevents people from just posting nonsense. I love MyLot because its bursting with information!

I just discovered Gather.com/a> and I've already fallen in love with it! You earn points for posting articles, photos, videos, etc, and you also earn points for commenting on other people's stuff. Points can be exchanged for gift certificates and other prizes! If you start earning 3,000 points per month, you can switch to earning actual cash instead!

Make Money Signing Up For Free Trials! I made $75.00 in one day with this program. (And yes, I actually did get paid!) You get paid for signing up for free offers. Here's the trick. You sign up for the offer, and then make sure to call and cancel a few days later, if the offer isn't something you actually want. You can also earn virtual pearls and coins, which can be traded for raffle tickets and other prizes!

Thats all I have for now! If you have more ideas for making money online, feel free to let me know, and I'll add them to this page!

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