Thursday, January 31, 2008

Its Inspire Your Heart With Art Day!

Today is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day, a great day to help the kids in your life appreciate the benefits of art! The thing about most kids is, they'd rather do something themselves instead of just looking at something someone else did. So, today, I am posting a bunch of hands-on activities you and the kids in your life can do to inspire your hearts with art!

1.) Explore different mediums for doing artwork. Gather together crayons, markers, paints, oil pastels, chalk, stamps and ink, scissors, magazines, glue, glitter, scraps, clay... everything you can get! Be creative and ask the kids if they have more ideas for what to use! Remember, you don't have to stick to just one medium for each art piece. If your kids want to use every single medium in their picture, thats okay!

2.) Buy large poster boards so you can super-size your works of art!

3.) If you live near an art museum, many of them have special areas meant just for kids. There, kids can look at interesting works of art, and then often they have the chance to try their own hand at those styles of art!
If you don't live anywhere near an art museum, go to the library and check out books on art. You can look through them for your favorite works of art, talk about why you like them, and then try to emulate those artists on your own!

4.)When doing art with kids, try to focus on the process, instead of the product. When kids do art they are learning about textures, mixing colors, experimenting with shapes, etc. Sometimes in art classes at school, children are asked to create something very specific, so that everyone's completed project looks the same. When you do the art with your kids, encourage them to just do what they want, and see where it leads them!

5.)Go to the website Creating Music to play some cool musical computer games with your kids! They can create their own music!

6. Get out some musical instruments and start your own family band! The instruments don't have to be fancy! In fact, you can mix art projects with music projects by creating your own instruments! Some sites with ideas on how to do this are 9 Easy To Make Musical Instruments and Mudcat For Kids. If you have a tape recorder, video recorder or mp3 recorder, you could even record your musical masterpieces!

7. Put on your own play. Let your kids come up with an idea for a skit, and act it out together! Use regular household items as props.

8. Pick up blank notebooks or sketchbooks at a dollar store, or just staple or fold sheets of paper together. Then, encourage your kids to write and illustrate their own stories! They could make up stories from their imaginations, or write about things happening in their own lives.
For kids who cannot yet write or don't like to write, let them draw pictures and then dictate their stories to you. You can write the words for them underneath the pictures.

9. Play CD's of different kinds of music... Fast music, slow music, classical music, children's music, etc. Dance to the music, and talk about how different songs make you feel!

If you have other ideas, let me know! Have a great and artful day!

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