Thursday, January 3, 2008

In China, Kidnapped Little Boys Finally Go Home!

Most people know about the population-control issue in China that causes many baby girls to be abandoned or given up by their parents, who would rather have sons.
But we rarely hear about the little boys of China, who, it seems, are also in danger!
Boys are considered more valuable, as offspring, because many people feel a son will be able to help out more with physical labor, take care of them in their old age, and carry on the family name. Having a son also brings the prospect of eventually having a daughter-in-law, who will come complete with a dowry for the son's family. So, some people in China who have been unable to concieve sons of their own have resorted to actually buying sons from the black market.
One gang, notorious for kidnapping little boys from their parents and selling them to other people, was led by a man named Ye Zengxi and his family. This man actually involved his twelve-year-old nephew in the kidnapping process. Ye Zengxi would take the youngster to public places, where the boy would be responsible for getting the attention of smaller boys between the ages of two and eight. The nephew would play with the smaller boys and then lure them away with toys or food. Ye Zengxi and other adult members of the gang would then grab the smaller boys and ride away on a motorbike with them. The gang would then sell the children, for the equivelant of 2,700 US dollars, to people who wanted sons.
Recently police arrested Ye Zengxi and his gang, and rescued nine boys who had been kidnapped. The nine children were returned to their own families.
Unfortunately, gangs like this are not rare at all in China. Last April, police arrested five other people who had been kidnapping and selling little boys, and rescued eight young boys who had been sold to people who wanted sons. Luring the children away from their own parents with treats and toys, as well as using older children to help out, is common practice by these types of kidnappers. And about 190 children are kidnapped, in China, each day!
Kidnappers in China are punished severely, even executed by gunshot. Maybe hearing about the fates of Ye Zengxi and his family of kidnappers will persuade other would-be child traffickers to leave children alone!

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