Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Getting Bookwise!

I just invested in a new home business that you might like to be a part of! It happens to be the most intelligent home based business in the world! I now have my own virtual bookstore! I sell books through a program called Bookwise.
I think its going to be a pretty good investment, because there are several ways to earn money through the program. I'll tell you what they are!
1. By recruiting other people who want to have their own bookstores. Every time you get someone to sign up, you get a thirty-five dollar bonus. Then, for every month that they stay part of the business, you get a small commission. So you'll be earning commission on each person you enroll, for as long as they stay enrolled.
2. Through your "downline." If you recruit people, you also get a commission for everyone that person recruits, and everyone that person recruits, and everyone that person recruits, and so on down the line.
4. By getting people to join the book club part of the business as "Preferred Members." That means they want to buy books each month, but they don't want to actually be part of the business.
5. You also can buy books at wholesale prices through the site, which you can then turn around and sell on your own, making even more profit!
Want to hear what I especially like about this business? For every purchase or sign up made, one dollar is donated to children's organizations. So I know this business definitely is on the same... er... page... as me!
If you think you might like to be a part of this, or if you just want to join the book club and save up to 42% on books, visit my Bookwise site today!

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