Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The First Charity Of the Year!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... we have a new charity for the new month, of course! Our first charity for the year 2008 is First Book . First Book is an organization that gets brand new books into the hands of at-risk children. Whether they are starting up libraries in, or donating badly needed books to existing libraries in, low-income communities, providing classrooms and other organizations serving needy kids with piles of new books, sending a child home with a backpack full of new books, or providing a year's supply of bedtime story books to a needy family, First Book makes sure that children have the chance to read! Our donation this month will make sure that even more children get matched with books!
If you'd like to help even more, but you don't have extra money to donate, you can go to The Literacy Site. Just clicking the big orange button on that site will generate a donation to provide books for needy kids!
Now, keep reading this blog every day, and we'll see how much we can raise this month!

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Casdok said...

I will add that book click link to one of my blogs. Excellent idea and realy worthy.