Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Commercial Break: Your Videos Could Be Famous!

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We all know that, thanks to the Internet, home made videos are becoming a popular source of entertainment. These days, it is easy to go to a site like Google Videos and find tons of videos, on any topic, made by regular people like you and me! The same way that blogging gives us a glimpse into the lives of other people, videos let us find connections with others in the world... in an even more three dimensional way!
Now, a new site called YawpBox is taking this phenomena to a whole new level. Video creators will have a chance at seeing their videos on an actual TV show! Each week the hosts, Lex and Terry, will show and comment on videos that have been uploaded onto the site.
Not every video that gets uploaded to YawpBox will make it onto the show. Thats the beauty of this thing! People can go to the site ahead of time and vote on videos that have been uploaded. The videos that get the most positive votes will have the best chances of making it onto the show!
Lex and Terry will also give out specific "homework" assignments, directing users to make videos on specific topics. Past topics have been things like "Reenact a Movie Scene," "Show Us Your Tattoo," or "Your Best Prank."
I really can't wait to check out this TV show and explore the website further. I have a feeling YawpBox is going to be the newest obsession for anyone with a video camera!

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Casdok said...

Sounds interesting.
I am relieved to hear that not every video will be shown as with this new era of mobile phone filming when out with my disabled son-kids are filming him for a laugh.