Sunday, January 20, 2008

Commercial Break: Trusted Tours

The following is a sponsored post. Please visit our sponsor to thank them for allowing us to make more donations to children's organizations!
When I was a kid, my family once went to Orlando for a vacation. We went down there partly to see my Grandpa, but also so we could have a good time as a family! My parents had saved up enough money so that we could spend one day at Disney World. The rest of the time, we had to find our own less-expensive forms of entertainment! Often this consisted of just hanging around the hotel room and playing in the pool. The Internet wasn't even invented back then, so we didn't have many ways to learn about the different attractions and sightseeing tours offered in Orlando! If the Internet had existed back then, we might have found out about Trusted Tours & Attractions, a site which could have hooked us up with all sorts of Orlando tours! For instance, there's the Kennedy Space Center, Cypress Gardens Adventure Park, hot air balloon rides, and Gatorland!
I guess its too late to go back in time. But its not too late for you! Plus, if you go to the site and sign up for their newsletter, you'll have a chance at winning a handheld GPS! Now that could come in handy!

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