Friday, January 18, 2008

Commercial Break: The Secret To Happiness!

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These days, we get a lot of advice about how to find happiness. Many of us have worked very hard to achieve high-paying jobs, buy large houses and fancy cars, and provide great educations for our children. But then we tend to look back and wonder, "Are all of these things really making me happy?" What is happiness, anyway? How do you know if you truly are happy, or if you're just content to deal with the life you've found yourself living in? Increasing rates of depression and anxiety in adults and even children in our society suggest that maybe we really aren't all that happy with life the way it is.
All over the world, people are turning to the Sedona Method to find happiness. Through retreats, books, and CD's, people are using these teachings to change their lives. The Sedona Method teaches people to find their own natural happiness within themselves. It encourages people not to cover up negative thoughts with positive ones, but to take time to acknowledge their negative thoughts and feelings, and then release this negativity.
Maybe the Sedona Method can help you!

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