Saturday, January 26, 2008

10-Year-Old Girl Handcuffed On School Bus!

Check out this video news story I found. This little girl, who is ten years old and has special needs, was put in handcuffs because she wouldn't sit down on the school bus!

Apparently this isn't uncommon at all, especially not in Florida! If children don't sit down and behave themselves on the school bus, they can be handcuffed!
I don't think it was the police who handcuffed this girl... Apparently they had some sort of second person riding on the school bus to aide the driver. When I was a kid I rode on a school bus full of particularly rowdy kids, and eventually an aide was hired to help control the kids on the bus. The aide hollered at us a lot, but I can't imagine him ever slapping cuffs on any of us!
It is sort of strange, though, that when asked how she felt, the little girl said she felt like she would be "scarred for life." I wonder if she might not be even more scarred because of all of the publicity going on around the incident?

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