Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Children's Charity for December: Loving Paws!

I’d like to announce our new charity for the month… one that combines my love for children with my love for dogs! Loving Paws Assistance Dogs is an organization that provides assistance dogs to children with special needs! The dogs are provided for free to children who need them.
Four types of dogs are matched with children by Loving Paws.
Service Dogs are dogs that can help children to be independent in public as well as at home. Service Dogs can turn lights on and off, retrieve objects, remove items of clothing, etc. Loving Paws mainly supplies these dogs to children, but also supply dogs to veterans who could use them.
Social Dogs are meant to be special friends for kids with special needs, as well as perform some tasks to help the child. Unlike Service Dogs, a Social Dog cannot go out alone with a child, as these dogs are generally provided for children who would need adult assistance to be out. An adult caretaker is the actual handler of the dog, and the child just gets to enjoy the dog’s friendship!
Facility Dogs are dogs who spend most of their time in a facility that serves children. For instance, Facility Dogs are available to special education teachers, therapists who work with kids, etc. These dogs can be available to the children for pet therapy, or just to create a warmer, more friendly environment for the children.
Loving Paws Pals are dogs who are obedience-trained but not assistance trained. Their jobs are just to provide extra love and attention to a child who could use it. For children with special needs, having an adoring dog around can inspire them to notice their environments more, use clearer speech, etc. Children can learn the importance of hygiene by grooming their dog, and learn social skills by being gentle with their dog. They can even learn to read by reading to their dog!
Loving Paws matches dogs with children across the USA. This month, with the proceeds from our sponsored posts, we will help more children be matched with dogs!

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