Monday, December 10, 2007

Mission Monday: REALLY Easy Mission!

I know many of us are really busy with the holidays and everything, so I wanted to make this week's mission as simple as possible.
There are several sites around the Internet where, when you simply click a button, advertisers donate a certain amount of money to a charitable cause. Its a good thing for everyone involved... organizations get donations, advertisers get free publicity, and even people with absolutely no money at all in their bank account can make donations! You can click these sites every day if you want.
I've listed here the click-to-donate sites that are set up to help children.

The Hunger Site: You've probably heard of this on... I think it was the original site that inspired all the others! Every time you click, sponsors donate enough money to give someone one cup of food. This program isn't exclusively for children, but most of the hungry people in the world are children... and did you know that, out of all of the people in the world who die of starvation, three-fourths of them are ages five and under?

The Child Health Site: Click here, and you'll be helping needy children across the world get life-saving vitamins, medical treatments, and HIV testing!

The Literacy Site: If parents don't know how to read, chances are their children will have lots of trouble learning how to read also! In fact, many children from low-income families don't even have books in their house at all! Clicking on this site helps get free, new books into the hands of at-risk children.

Care2's Race For Children:: Care2 sponsors several children through Children International... the same organization through which we sponsor Maria Jose! When you click here, you help pay for the cost of sponsorship. The more clicks they get, the more children Care2 is able to sponsor!

Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund:: When you click on the banner at the top of the page, sponsors pay for one minute of health care at the children's hospital for needy children in Mexico.

Hungry Children: For every one thousand people who click, sponsors will donate $25 to feed children!

Por Los Chicos: For every click you make, sponsors will pay for a portion of food for a hungry child in Argentina.

Those little bits donated by sponsors may not seem like much, but think of it this way... if every day, for a week, you spend five minutes going to each of these sites and clicking, you'll have donated quite a bit. Every day for a month, for a year... Imagine all the good you could do! We're already browsing the Internet, so why not just make these clicks a regular part of our email-checking routine?

Have fun clicking!
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