Monday, December 17, 2007

Mission Monday: Feed the Children

Welcome back to yet another Mission Monday! Your mission today is to visit the website for Feed The Children, which offers several different quick and easy ways to reach out to children.
Feed The Children offers a sponsorship program, similar to the one through which we sponsor Maria Jose. Howeve, if you cannot commit to sponsoring a child all-yer-round, there are many ways you can help just once... especially during the holidays!
You can help needy families in the USA by buying boxes of food, or children's backpacks full of food and school supplies, through the site. (A box of food is $25, and three backpacks are $54.) You can help needy children across the world also. Whether you donate $9.00 to provide care for an abandoned baby for a month, or you donate $135 to purchase a wheelchair for a child who cannot walk, or anything in between, you will be making a big difference.
There are other options too. For $11, you can provide a pair of new shoes, and a month's worth of food, to a child in Darfur. $25 wll buy a special "welcome" outfit for a new baby at the organizatio's Abandoned Baby Center in Kenya. The opportunities to help through this site are endless, and there is something to fit just about anyone's budget!
You can also make donations in someone else's name, as a holiday gift to that person!
If nothing else, go check out this site, and take a look at all the different ways you can help make life better for a child!

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