Monday, December 31, 2007

Its been A Great Year, Hasn't It?

Hi everyone! It's New Years Eve, and although most of you are probably busy partying the night away, I am at home with one "person" I'm perfectly happy to spend time with... my kitty, Sammy-Joe!
I just wanted to tell everyone, thanks for a great year of blogging! I've gotten to read so many wonderful new blogs, met awesome people online, and had a great time writing!
Through this blog, we've also managed to do a lot of good in the world. We were able to make donations to Childhelp, FosterClub, The National Association for Missing and Exploited Children, The Children's Defense Fund, Operation Teddycare, Cheerful Givers, Gigi's Playhouse, and Loving Paws! Just over $100 was raised through sponsored posts... we started out slow when we first qualified for sponsored posts back in June, and we've been earning more each month!
We also began sponsoring a child, Maria Jose, who lives in Colombia. Because of you loyal readers, we will be able to support Maria Jose throughout the year 2008... and hopefully much longer!
So, as you celebrate this New Year, be proud of yourselves! Just by tuning into this blog each day, you've managed to help children all over the world have a better year!
See you in 2008!


Casdok said...

Wow!! Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support of Cheerful Givers. We greatly appreciate your help.