Saturday, December 8, 2007

The House Is Small, But The Welcome Is Big!

I have something really neat to share with you today!
I love photography, although I am far from being a professional photographer! Although writing is my real talent, I have a very visual mind, and I especially love photography that gives us a peek into the worlds of others. I always enjoy the idea of giving children cameras and letting them photograph their world. (By the way, this can be very interesting when done with children with special needs... even those who can't communicate very well verbally. Through their photographs, you kind of get to see how they view their world and what is important to them!)
Anyways... this past August, some children in Africa who have been orphaned by AIDS got the chance to spend time with professional photographers and learn how to take pictures. They got the chance to photograph their world. The photos have been turned into a beautiful video, set to the singing voices of the children and other people in their community. The project is called The House Is Small But The Welcome Is Big.
The project continues to grow, as the organizers plan to bring it to other communities around the world, including in the USA!
Watch the video, and tell me what you think!

You can also watch a short documentary about the project, and watch the children in action, here.

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rachel said...

Wow, that was a cultural experience! My children and I enjoyed watching and listening.