Thursday, December 27, 2007

High-Tech Toys For Children With Disabilities!

Imagine that you are a child who cannot move. For all intents and purposes, you are paralyzed. You cannot run and play outside with your siblings and friends. Really, the only amusement for you is watching the other kids play, listening to them talk to you, watching TV, being read to by someone, and things like that.
Wouldn't it improve the quality of your life if you could do something as simple as play a video game with other children?
Actually, thanks to a program called Dream-Gamer, video games are accessible to children, no matter what their physical ability level is! The Dream-Gamer system can be used with SOny Playstation game systems, in order to allow children with very little motion in their bodies to play alongside regularly-abled kids!
Part of the system is a baseball cap, that allows the wearer to control certain aspects of the game. The cap allows two players to work as a team... for instance, the cap-wearer controls directions of a race car, while a second player controls other aspects. The cap can also be used alongside regular game controllers, so a child can play with up to two other people who will use regular controllers.
Players can also choose to use another type of controller, called a Pistol Gsmer. This is for players who may not have as much head movement, but are able to use hand and wrist action to play the game.
The same company also makes remote-control cars that can be controlled with a cap or a "pistol".
Not only can this technology give kids with disabilities something fun to do, but it allows them to interact with other children in a "regular" way, putting them on a more equal level with their peers snd allowing peers to see them as just regular kids!
Pretty cool, huh?

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