Saturday, December 22, 2007

Commercial Break: Shopping Cart Software

Got something to sell? Lots of people are starting to discover that they can make moke money by selling their crafts, self-published books, services, or other products, online. A lot of people use something like Paypal to allow customers to pay for services. But if you really want your online business to grow, you're going to need some good shopping cart software. At ashop Commerce,for a monthly fee, you can create your own professional-looking online store, complete with a shopping cart that can add up the cost of your customer's purchases, calculate shipping costs, etc. Your customers will also be able to search quickly for the product they want, choose a size/color, etc. They'll be able to safely pay with their credit or debt cards!
You can even use this ecommerce software to sell digital products like printable phone cards, access to games or locked websites, downloadable books, etc!
Try this out, and see what a difference shopping cart software will make for your online business!

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