Saturday, December 15, 2007

Commercial Break: How Green Are You?

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These days, more than ever, we are starting to be aware of how important it is to try to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. And I thought I was doing a pretty good job at being environmentally friendly. After all, my household recycles, I drink filtered tap water instead of buying bottled water, and I really don't consume a lot (because I'm too poor!) But when I took the GreenIQ- How Green Are You? quiz, I found that I'm not as earth-friendly as I thought I was! I got a score of only 52%. (Apparently thats not too bad! Here's what the site had to say about my score. Despite the fact that you scored just under or just over 50%, you have a relatively high GreenIQ. This means that you are very aware of your lifestyle and how it affects the planet, you also are working on reducing your carbon emissions through your transportation choices and home environment. But that doesn't mean that you are even close to perfect or carbon neutral. You still have room for improvement.
The site also offers Tips and Resources with simple changes you can make so that, next time you go back and take the quiz, maybe your score will have improved!
Even though this is a sponsored post, I think the topic is very relevant to our blog, because the ways in which we take care of our environment, and the ways that we teach our children to take care of it, will have a big affect on children now and children in the future.
So go take the quiz, and tell me how you did!

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