Friday, December 14, 2007

Commercial Break: Finding Hotel Rooms!

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I love hotels. I really do. Often I cannot afford to take a week-long vacation in some other state... but one thing me and my best friend Diana often enjoy doing is getting a local hotel room for the weekend, gathering up all the kids, and having a nice mini-vacation. We always get a place with a nice swimming pool, and we often find places with free breakfasts or kids-eat-free deals. One site we use to make Hotel Reservations is You can enter your destination, sort the results by price, quality, or proximity to a certain location, and even narrow your search to places with amenities that are important to you! They have great prices and can often hook you up with special Internet-only deals. (And here's a hint... If you search for hotels that are close to certain attractions, such as theme parks or museums, you can often find special packages that include discount tickets to the attraction within the price of the hotel room!)
After the holidays, everyone is going to need a vacation... so why not take one, right in your home town?

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