Thursday, December 27, 2007

Commercial Break: Check Out This Blog!

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I went to investigate this new blog, "formykountry", not sure I would like it at all because the description said it is a conservative-themed blog. First of all, I do not follow politics but I'm pretty sure I'd be described as a liberal. Second of all, I just don't follow politics. Not that I don't care about the state of the world... I just have trouble following it!
But I went to check out this blog anyway, and the first line I saw was, "There’s nothing like getting your ass kicked by the neighbor’s twelve year old in a friendly game of Halo 3 to let you know your best days just might be behind you." I laughed out loud, because I, too, have been beaten at various games by various small children! I went on to read the rest if the blog entry, and I have to admit... it was amusing! (Warning... Do not take it too seriously! For instance, the part where he cusses out the twelve year old? Written tongue-in-cheek, obviously. I'm sure everything turned out okay in the end!)
I explored the archives for a while, too, and found them equally amusing. The entries are all written very intelligently, yet are easy to understand... and I was alarmed to find that I actually agreed with this blogger on certain subjects!
I'm going to continue to read this blog from day to day, and see what else this guy has to say! Maybe you'd like to check it out too!

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