Friday, December 14, 2007

Children Ask To Be A Priority!

Recently, 90 children from all over the world traveled to New York to speak with world leaders at a United Nations General Assembly meeting. The children urged the leaders to make the issues and rights of kids everywhere a priority. They asked the United Nations to implement a plan that would work on protecting children everywhere from all types of abuse, getting children proper nutrition and medical treatment, giving children better educational opportunities, etc. The children explained that they were always hearing about leaders who "considered" the rights and issues of children, but they wanted to see real action, and real progress.
"We recommend that when you a preparing national budgets, for example, every decision should be consistent with the best interest of the child," a fifteen-year-old girl told the leaders.
The meeting ended with the leaders agreeing to implement the plan, renewing their commitment to children. Like the children who spoke, we will all have to wait and see if these great leaders really do work to make a difference.
If you ask me, world leaders should always consult a group of children when they need to make an important decision. Kids have a way of simplifying everything. They have a way of seeing what is important, and ignoring the rest. Ask a child if it is important to fund a war, and the child will say, "No, war is stupid!" Ask a child how to put an end to hungry children, a child will say, "Give them food." Ask how to provide education, and a child will say, "Build lots of schools!" Children d not think, "Come up with this funding, write up a plan, discuss it for fifty million years, find a way to do this, figure out who will benefit, make sure to leave enough money for the war!" Children just say, "Do it! We don't want to wait! Lets see some change, now!"

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