Tuesday, November 13, 2007

World Kindness Day

Hey everybody! It's World Kindness Day! Today is a day in which people all over the world make a special effort to be kind.
This day was inspired by the book Random Acts Of Kindness, a collection of true stories about people who made random acts of kindness to other people, often strangers, and often anonymously. This book inspired so many people, that an entire foundation was created, which now offers a wealth of information for people to start acts of kindness movements in their own communities. Among the material offered on the site are activity ideas, lesson plans, project plans, ateacher's guide, aproject planning guide, a publicity guide, and workplace resources.
World Kindness Day is technically one day, but some people choose to celebrate World Kindness Days on the first day of each month, in order to keep the kindness going year round. Personally, I think it would be great if we could think of every day as World Kindness Day!
If you have children, work with children, or have special children in your life, see if you can help them spread a little kindness throughout their world! It doesn't have to be limited to today. Think of today as a day of inspiration, and let the true kindness happen whenever possible!
Coincedentally, this coming weekend is Family Volunteer Day. Volunteering as a family... or volunteering with the special children in your life, even if they are not technically related to you... is a great way to spend quality time together, help others, and teach kids about how great it feels to make a difference!
You can search for volunteer opportunities for families at 1-800-volunteer.org or VolunteerMatch. These sites allow you to search the area you live in, specify that you want opportunities particulary for families, specify what kind of volunteer work you want to do, etc.
Or, if you have an idea of your own you'd like to do... perhaps you and the kids in your life could make cheerful cards or pictures and pass them out at a local nursing home, or spend a day reading to kids at a local children's home or hospital, or even just have a day of gathering old toys, clothes and books to donate... the sky is the limit!
If you need a little more inspiration, check out these sites: Helpothers.org, and Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas.

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