Tuesday, November 20, 2007

News That Makes You Sick: A Father Sets His Children On Fire!

This news story is a little off topic, but I wanted to share something I read about this morning that made me very upset. This happened in Glendale Heights, a town about twenty minutes away from where I live. My sister lives in that town with her children.
About five minutes away from where my family members live, two little boys named Vishv and Om Patel, ages 7 and 4, also live, along with their mother and father.
On Sunday night, their father allegedly took put Vishv and Om in the bathtub, doused them with gasoline, and set them on fire.
The father got badly burned himself, in the process. He then put the children into the car, and drove five miles to his brother's house, where someone finally called 9-1-1.
The kids were burned on 80 90% of their bodies. When they were first brought into the hospital, on Sunday night, it was not known whether they would live. At this time, they are still clinging to life.
Vishv and Om's parents are from India, but have lived in Illinois for at least 11 years. Both of the boys were born here. Neighbors say the boys were wonderful kids, happy and friendly and often seen playing together outside their house.
It is absolutely horrid that anyone would do something like this to two little boys. I read a lot about child abuse. I know that there are people out in the world who hurt children. But still, to douse your children with gasoline and light them on fire, goes beyond ordinary child abuse. It is evil.
Please keep Vishv and Om in your thoughts and hope they are able to recover from this, both physically and emotionally.
If you would like to send the boys a card or a gift, you can send it in care of
Loyola University Medical Center, Ronald McDonald Children's Hospital, 2160 S. First Ave, Maywood, IL, 60153.

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