Wednesday, November 14, 2007

National Adoption Month!

For the first part of this month we learned about homeless children and teenagers and the issues they face. But November is also National Adoption Month, and for the rest of this month we'll be learning more about adoption!
For families that already include children who were adopted, provides a calendar of activities for the month of November (or any month, for that matter!) that can be used to celebrate Adoption Month. You can also view their events calendar to find adoption-related activities going on near where you live.
According to, this year's Awareness celebration puts a special emphasis on the adoption of children who are in foster care. (There are 114,000 of them!) And according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, an even more specific theme for this year is the adoption of teenagers in foster care!
Throughout the following days we will hear more about National Adoption Month. For now, to all you families out there that have been pulled together through adoption, have a great month!

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