Saturday, November 17, 2007

National Adoption Day!

Just wanted to say Happy Adoption Day to the families of the adoption bloggers... children who have either been adopted or are in the process... like:

Bug and Izzy, plus Callie, Bubba and Snowbaby!
Toots and Noodles
Tibs, Christine, Hershey, and Peanut
Miss I (and her brother Little Bun!)
Little Pickel
Chloe and her big brothers and sisters
All of Tricia's kids!
Liam and Bill and their brothers
Wil, Mac, and Lee
Princess and her big brothers
Annie and the others at the Angel Retreat
Pea and Little Man

Happy Adoption Day! May you all live happily ever after!


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize there was an adoption day celebrated. How great!

I only read Baggage and Bug off your list, so I'll have to go check out the rest of them :)

Jane said...

I kind of missed this yesterday. Thanks for the reminder. Even with all the agita we have had with Toots, we don't regret our adoption of the kids.

abebech said...

Thanks! Sorry I'm late.